New Graphic Design Ideas for 2015!
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Graphic design has always been an evolving, living art. Of all the mediums where art can be expressed, graphic design is the most versatile. Because graphic design is ever changing, new graphic design ideas emerge. People who are into graphic design, Birmingham area are also keeping up with the latest graphic design ideas for 2015. Read through the list below and find out what >graphic design Birmingham has to offer.

  1. Typography – Many graphic designs will be laden with colorful and eye catching typography. Some will be even hand-drawn and then incorporated into digital design.
  2. Mobile First Philosophy – This trend is also a concern for most graphic designers not just in Birmingham. The idea is graphic design should look the same as it does on a mobile phone and a laptop despite its size and resolution. Many graphic designers are trying to bridge the gap between different mediums where their designs are viewed.
  3. Interactive Media – Graphic designers are making their designs more interactive to encourage people to touch, smell, taste and feel their designs and not just see it.
  4. Flat Design – Flat design is simple, minimalistic and easy to create. People will still be using this design well into the next couple of years.
  5. Storytelling – Who doesn’t like a good sequence of graphic design? The year 2015 is where more companies would like to have their story told in a series of graphic designs. This ensures that audiences will anticipate the next design and build up on the product for a long time instead of one time design that could possibly be forgotten the next time something more interesting comes along.

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